A few miles outside of downtown Victoria is one of the city’s most quaint and whimsical villages, Cadboro Bay. Edging onto the water, the village has been a mainstay for UVIC students and residents of the surrounding area for decades.

Cadboro Bay Village Dental is one of the most recent additions to the seaside neighbourhood and we picked this particular spot for our practice because of its picturesque locale and calming ambiance. It’s an idyllic place to have a beverage and take in the scenery. Here are a few of our favourite places to grab a soothing, refreshing or relaxing drink around Cadboro Bay and surrounding area.

Olive Olio’s

Olive Olio’s is an authentic throwback to simpler times before chain coffee shops took over. Their perfect latte is best sipped in the sun on the cobblestone patio with a cranberry and orange scone.

Jusu Bar

Jusu Bar is re-thinking wellness and has to-die-for cold-pressed juices. The best thing about hitting this place before or after a dental appointment is that you’ll know you’ve done at least two things for your overall health! This is not just a chain juice bar, Jusu gets super scientific about how they prepare and deliver their popular beverages. After you’ve got an A+ in your hygiene appointment, head over to Jusu and continue your health trend!

Smuggler’s Cove

Smugglers Cove is an iconic British-style tavern right across the street from us! It’s been in the village for decades and will probably remain there for many more. Smuggler’s is cozy, inviting and has a sumptuous menu with an extensive craft beer menu. It’s a perfect place to hide out on a gloomy Victoria day and fill up on comfort. (NOTE: talk to us before you hit the pub and make sure it’s safe to consume alcohol before or after your appointment)


If you’re a creature of habit and know exactly what you want, hitting the Starbucks next door to us is a foolproof plan. On Sunday mornings you will see the patio filled with locals enjoying the sun and, as a bonus, there’s always a dog or two outside to pet. Sometimes you just want a Mocha Chip Frapp, half sweet, easy ice, with almond milk and whipped cream and there is only one place to get it.